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About Us

Parfums Love is a cute girly fragrance collection with bursting ingredients of a sweet nature. Launched in January 2008, Parfums Love is a leading mass market cosmetics range for young females in the UK. Parfums Love is distributed through the largest health and beauty retailers nationwide.

Our vision is to provide a range that encapsulates fantasy, love and beauty in a selection of fragrances. Parfums Love work to combine beauty and charm within each scent.

Founded by global brand managers with the highest level of experience and quality, we work to produce a story through design that reflects our brand values and ethos. In the first year of launching Parfums Love has already received Silver with the Pure Beauty Awards for Best Self Select Fragrance 2008.

Parfums Love is strengthening its role and position in the market place. Focused on expanding its collection, we are growing the brand globally for the ultimate success...

The raw materials we use are all cosmetic grade. We do not use animal derived raw materials. Further since the creation of the Parfums Love brand in 2008 we have never tested any of our products on animals and neither has any other organization arranged animal testing on our behalf .